pátek 15. února 2013

Tip: Learn n900 to understand Map1.eu

Recently the alpha version of Map1.eu got online. It's nice project whose aim is to provide an all-purpose map of the whole Europe suitable for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing or geocaching. The project is based on OpenStreetMap data. The great thing is that it contains hiking trails for both Czech and Slovakia. But the best thing is that it can be easily integrated into n900, the procedure:
  1. Install Mappero, e.g. "apt-get install maemo-mapper"
  2. Click Mappero -> Maps -> Tiles -> New, for Name, UniqID, Cache dir fill e.g. Map1.eu, as URL use http://alpha.map1.eu/tiles/%d/%d/%d.jpg, Type: XYZ_INV, Format: JPEG, click Save.
  3. Click Mappero -> Maps -> Tiles -> Repositories -> New, fill in the following: Name: e.g. Map1.eu, Min zoom: 5, Max zoom: 17, Zoom step: 1, Tiles: Map1.eu, click Save.
  4. Restart Mappero.
  5. In Mappero -> Maps -> Map repository select the Map1.eu
And you are done. The great thing is that you can also use this map offline, just download the tiles: in Mappero -> Maps -> Manage Maps... select Area (the current view is preselected) and interested zoom levels, click OK and the map will be downloaded for offline use.

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